Pet Products and Development Services Pty Ltd (PPDS) was established in 1996 by the two founding partners, Jeff Taylor and Yefim Volpert. PPDS first started its operations through the processing and drying of Australian origin pig ears for the US market.

Jeff worked in the pet treat industry for over 40 years and had the vision to create products that were unique not only to Australia but worldwide.

The Research and Development arm of PPDS was created to not only give businesses access to unique product formulations but also to allow a design to become a reality and then complete the cycle by manufacturing and packing those treats through the main PPDS manufacturing arm of the business. PPDS became the complete solution for companies and retailers who wished to market and sell pet treats.

Yefim being a Design Engineer ensured that innovative product development concepts of the R&D arm became a reality. This was achieved through the design and manufacture of PPDS’ own equipment. This ensured that all PPDS designed and manufactured dog treats are not only unique but are produced to the highest standards.

Over the 22 years of operation, PPDS has expanded and invested heavily from the initial one small factory to now five manufacturing facilities always ensuring along the way that the operations including research and development were constantly progressing in the right direction. 

In 2018, Jeff and Yefim decided to retire with the new ownership forming PPDS (VIC). Jeff & Yefim’s legacy continues to drive the business forward by remaining a quality innovator and manufacturer of pet treats.

PPDS is proud of being an Australian pet treats manufacturer making highest quality dog and cat treats to date.